Masasa Mbangeni is talking about the accident that happened to her.

Masasa Mbangeni is talking about the accident that happened to her.

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Former Scandal! player Masasa Mbangeni was left livid and displeased when an odd man sexually touched himself whereas staring at her.

Masasa took to Twitter to share the ordeal, telling her followers she went searching when the athletic facility and stopped at a center in Dunkeld, city, once the person catcalled her whereas touching himself unsuitably.

“Just got catcalled by some imbiber whereas I used to be walking to shop for chillis. i used to be from the athletic facility and didn’t have a jacket or something. He unbroken returning my method and grabbing his erectile organ.”

The player wasn’t solely displeased by the person’s action however additionally foiled that individuals around her responded by riant at her once she swore at the man rather than giving facilitate.

“I swore at him. individuals around watched and laughed. I feel therefore sick. It happened at Dunkeld West center,” she said.

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After sharing the expertise, several tweeps expressed their disgust at the unidentified man’s actions however a number of searched for loopholes in Masasa’s story. One tweep puzzled if Masasa was “imagining” the person was staring at her.

However, Masasa quickly places the tweep back in his place.

“Not applicable Leo. the person was masturbating publically whereas staring at ME. He was drunk. That level of violence and indecency is evil. I don’t see however walking to travel get chillis in athletic facility wear may be misconstrued as acting and thus warrant that behaviour,” she said.

Masasa created it clear she was most displeased by the man’s actions as a result of she knew an equivalent issue would most likely happen to a different girl. She same the thought of it sickened her.

“All people would like protection from these pigs. Nothing special regarding ME sister. this may most likely happen to you tomorrow and that’s what makes ME sick,” she tweeted.