MaShelembe was crying and her pain was apparent to anyone.

MaShelembe was crying and her pain was apparent to anyone.

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The reality show Mnakwethu isn’t everyone’s favorite show but it gets watched and gets people’s attention. Maybe it is because it touches the sensitive issues of Polygamy and many people have different views on this. One is how people always have third parties reasons for wanting to take another wife but that is a broad issue. The shows past episodes have been getting more attention as many had an issue with the age of these women and men who want to start up polygamy.

However, today’s episode took a twist that was unexpected that has left the fans of the show praising Musa Mseleku. Who is the host of this reality show with him having modeled the polygamy he is perfect or fit to host the show? Today’s episode made the viewers to give credit to Musa Mseleku on how he handled today’s situation, he is always told to cancel the show or get blamed for certain episodes but today became a different story

He showed his beliefs that they are different from other people and his values lastly the respect he showed towards MaShelembe is beyond. How MaShelembe was crying and her pain was apparent to anyone.Maybe relevant questions like the ones Musa Mseleku asked today should be asked prior the interview or the live shoot of the reality show.

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Let’s give a big round of applause for Mseleku on how he made it clear that he respects woman and doesn’t approve of anything that makes another woman to be in pain.Not forgetting how MaShelembe decided to remove herself in this situation.She took a brave step of knowing her self worth.

Do you think men before thinking of having polygamy should ask relevant questions on how it’s done and for what reasons it should be done?It is Heritage month and maybe it good thing that this tradition should be taught well so that we don’t face situations like MaShelembe’s.

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