So MaShelembe was only Langa’s girlfriend, not a wife

So MaShelembe was only Langa’s girlfriend, not a wife

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An unexpected plot twist – it is reported that Mnakwethu’s fan-favorite Makhosi, famously known as MaShelembe, has ditched her boyfriend – well, at least for now. According to reports, the publicly humiliated MaShelembe has left her boyfriend Langa, after giving him an ultimatum.
MaShelembe appeared on the infamous Mzansi Magic reality series Mnakwethu. Although people have been criticizing the show since it’s an introduction to our small screens, MaShelembe’s episode was arguably the one episode that had viewers at the edge of their seats.

That episode alone trended for days on end and viewers are still interested to find out whether MaShelembe has left her toxic “marriage” to Bheki Langa or not. According to Daily Sun, marriage is not the perfect word to describe their “union” since Langa never paid lobola to MaShelembe’s family. Instead, they just lived together and fell pregnant.

Langa’s real wife is apparently MaSithole, who had her lobola paid for. According to MaShelembe’s family members, Makhosi is only his girlfriend and NOT his wife. Only damages, which amounted to four cows were paid to the Shelembe family and to ‘cleanse’ their name.

According to the family member, had they known that their daughter was emotionally abused, they would have never allowed any of this to take place. After that episode aired, they had a family meeting where MaShelembe had “voluntarily” broken up with Langa.

Even though she agreed that no lobola was paid for her, MaShelembe said she broke things off with Langa but only for the time being as she will return to him once the dust has settled.

“What hurt me most is that he paid lobola for someone else while he was still living with me. I left him because I want him to choose between her and me. Once everything is sorted, I’ll go back to him because I still love him,” she told the publication.

On the other hand, Langa, who paid lobola to MaSithole behind his girlfriend’s back, denied being dumped by her. He said they talk on a regular but if she wants to leave him, she may do so.

In happier news, MaShelembe’s provincial baby shower went on smoothly this past long weekend and she is set to have another one in October.

Both these baby showers almost never took place as both organizers had a heated exchange of words because one wanted to steal the show. The ‘original’ baby shower was planned by Ncumisa Ndelu and had been pushed to October 3 to allow for the other to take place.

“The provincial baby shower for MaShelembe will take place on 3 October, following a discussion between myself, her family and representative of Women of Nquthu. During the discussion, I apologized for canceling the shower, and they accepted the apology as they understood my reasons.

The family is very grateful, “Her uncle Bheki Shelembe expressed his gratitude for the love and support given to MaShelembe by other women. He gave his family’s blessing for the baby shower, and thanked South Africa for standing up for his niece.”

“Duduzile Buthelezi, who is representing Women of Nquthu, said the shower had their support and promised that they would bring MaShelembe to Durban.”

Check out what went down on her first baby shower: