Master KG stolen, just iPhone and Samsung S20 Ultra stolen.

Master KG stolen, just iPhone and Samsung S20 Ultra stolen.

Master Kg
Master KG recently took a Bolt trip that ended in tears. The musician, whose real name is Kgaogelo Moagi, had his iPhone and Samsung S20 Ultra stolen.

A distressed Master KG recently wrote on social media that he was devastated to find the driver had turned off his phone after he realized he had forgotten his things in the taxi and tried to phone him.

He said after trying for hours, he finally managed to get hold of the driver, who said he knew nothing about the devices and passengers he took on private trips could have taken them.

Master KG
The driver told him he switched off his phone because he was tired.

Master KG told Daily Sun: “Honestly, I feel so broken because these are people we are trusting with our lives and our belongings.”

The Limpopo-born musician, whose hit Jersualema has taken the world by storm, said the fact that the driver switched off his phone said a lot.

Master KG said Bolt reached out to him but he wouldn’t be using the company’s services again.

“If they can’t be loyal to me then why must I be a loyal customer to them,” he said.

Master Kg2Bolt country manager Gareth Taylor said: “On Monday, a Twitter user posted that he had left two mobile phones in a vehicle hailed via a ride-hailing platform.

“Bolt responded directly to his tweet, asking him to email the details of the trip to [email protected] That initial tweet was followed by attempts to contact the rider telephonically, to get more information about his experience.

“He has not yet responded to these attempts to reach him but Bolt looks forward to engaging with him directly to find out more about what happened.

“Passengers should report any incident experienced on a ride with Bolt by logging it via the ‘Support’ section on the app.”