Video: MASTER KG survives plane crash with miracles

Video: MASTER KG survives plane crash with miracles


It is normal to have strong reactions following a distressing or frightening event. A traumatic experience is any event in life that causes a threat to our safety and potentially places our own life or the lives of others at risk. When we’ve survived an extremely upsetting event, it can be painful to revisit the memory.

It is said that people who’ve had a traumatic experience feel the need to talk about what they’ve been through. Taking to to his Twitter page, Master KG shared a very frightening experience he had on a Turkish Airlines Flight, when the left engine of the plane exploded just after take-off from Istanbul. He described the experience as “the worst horrific experience ever.”

His fans where quick to comment on the post. One Twitter user said:”Never been in that situation, however I can relate, I’d also be thankful that we made it to the ground. Prayer works, always.” Another user said:”Happy you are ok Master KG. It’s far from over, you still have long life to live and give us more hits keeping us entertained.”

“Always thank GOD for this life..because tomorrow is not guaranteed,” tweeted Master KG. It is true that a life well lived is one of gratitude and thankfulness. Life moves pretty fast and nothing is too small for you to be thankful for.