MasterKG drowns Twitter in gifts and money

MasterKG drowns Twitter in gifts and money

Tweeps that came to Master KG’s defense after Thuli Phongolo’s statement on why she would never date Master KG, were really disappointed after he released a statement stating that he and thuli were cool.

Twitter user, ChrisExcel102, went on a rant about how he/she had backed up and stood up for Master KG only for him to fold and say he and thuli are good friends.

She futher elaborated that she had fought really really hard to stand up against Thuli for her mean words, the whole interaction was rather really funny.

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Master KG’s response to the ordeal was that they should meet up one day for lunch but in the meantime he sent ChrisExcel102 a whopping R3000.

The excitement from ChrisExcel102 was real as the first thing he decided to do was getting his shopping done at Woolworth food.

Master KG continued spreading the love to other tweeter users sending them some money too.

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A lot of people have been praising his good deeds and are happy that he is giving back to the community. Many celebrities barely do something like this therefore he is one of a kind.

Some people however thought he was just doing it so that he would trend. many of the people whom he was giving money to were people who had huge followings therefore they would post it on their walls so that their followers could see it.

Once these influencers post it on their walls Master Kg automatically starts to trend and this could easily promote his music.

Various people received a little something from Master KG and it made people really happy while he shared some joy on the timeline.