Matthew Booth defends himself: I did not cheat

Matthew Booth defends himself: I did not cheat

From the cheesecake to cheating allegations from Sonia Booth on her husband Matthew Booth. So Matthew has responded by saying that the allegations are not true.

Now, here is my view on the whole allegations and cheating scandal.

Are the sponsors and partners of Booth foundation aware that if you can spend your own son’s money on a mistress, their money towards the foundation means absolutely nothing to him?

This philanderer seems to be more concerned about Sonia’s behavior (airing out his dirty laundry), instead of recognizing the fact that none of this would be happening if he had not allegedly cheated on her in the first place.

He seems like a manipulative husband, he knows what he did. She went as far as having him followed by a Private Investigator. She is hurt and his statement does not make it easy for the family.

The evidence we saw cannot be unfounded.

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