Matthews Rantsoma on inspiration and challenges in acting

Matthews Rantsoma on inspiration and challenges in acting

The Scandal! actor Matthews Rantsoma has said that being bullied as a youngster inspired him to pursue acting.According to Sunday World, he has been performing his entire life. He is from Thembisa in Ekurhuleni, which is east of Johannesburg.

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“I started off in the township, then went to The Market Theatre. Scandal! was my big break onto the small screens. As a person, you need an escape, so acting for me was that form of escape from the bullying, and it worked,” Rantsoma said.

Rantsoma said he only thought it would last three months and never thought he would go this far.He said that he has gained a lot of knowledge from Nhlamulo and has used some of it in his own life in terms of character development.

When he was first introduced to the show, Nhlamulo was constantly breaking the law. However, he finally fell in love with Lindiwe.After getting married, the couple welcomed a daughter named Larona into their family, but sadly, Lindiwe passed away.

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After being a single father for a while, Nhlamulo found love once more in Vuvu, the mother of his two sons, and they were married.Now he is faced with the dilemma of being told that his daughter is not his.

“It’s been interesting, and I think the Nhalmulo and Lindiwe storyline got me to a point where honesty was a thing. We had to be honest with every single scene that we did.I never thought that we would be this close, but it happened, and the chemistry was just flowing. With Nhlamulo getting married again, I questioned it for a long time, but the journey has been interesting.”

Rantsoma said that it has been very difficult for him to assume the position of a parent because he is not a parent.”I had to do research to get an idea of how it feels because I don’t fully understand the feelings that a parent would go through,” he said in his explanation.

“I then realised that there was a lot of pain, sadness, and confusion, but at the end of the day, you have to do what’s right.I had to be honest and natural about the baby situation because if I tried to put on any other reaction, it would read differently.Nobody can just hand over the baby they have been raising for so long, and so naturally, you are going to deny everything, even though its true.”

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