Max Lichaba says I’m not a monster and Lwandle Should Stay In His Lane.

Max Lichaba says I’m not a monster and Lwandle Should Stay In His Lane.

After a diss track aired Max Lichaba’s dirty laundry, the country has never viewed him the same again. It is without a doubt that the diss track has exerted a rather heavy weight on his shoulders.
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Max Lichaba is Sophie Ndaba ex-husband, who was allegedly abusive to both his wife and step-son, Lwandle Ndaba.

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Talking to TimesLive, Max said that Lwandle should stay in his lane and while at it, refrain from entertaining grown-up’s business.

Not only was the song one to jam to, but it was quite graphic about the dynamics of his mother’s marriage to Max. To an extent, it was shocking to hear all the allegations and to further imagine.
“My stepfather is the devil, he takes and he breaks,” Lwandle, known by his stage name ‘The Ocean’ confessed on his track.
Days after his dirty laundry was aired, Max has decided to share his side of the story. There are two sides to each story in any case. So, why not hear him out?
Breaking the silence, he said that the allegations were untrue, that he had never in his existence dared abuse a woman, and Sophie was not an exception.

Aside from admitting that he and Sophie were stuck in a loveless marriage for a very long time, he also acknowledged the cheating allegations against him.
He further explained that he was in a mission to find himself the right woman as Sophie was nothing near what he wanted. Even worse because they had both fallen out of love.
Lichaba claims that his marriage has been on the rocks for as long as he can remember. “I’m not a monster, I’ve never been a monster. Yes maybe, as women go through certain men to find the perfect man, I’ve been doing that. I’ve been going through two or three people to find ‘Miss Right’ and that doesn’t make me a monster,” he said.
On the track, Lwandle also said “I’ve never seen a wife in pain because of a manage loved until a man named Max came along and showed us how dangerous a man can really be.”
Max further outlined that he had raised the boy, Lwandle, and that he still had much love for him but that does not give him the right to interfere in his business with his mother. Instead, he should look into furthering his music career.

Although Max claims that he still loves the boy, it seems Lwandle does not have the same sentiments as he said “thank God you’re not my father. I fear for your children,” on the track.

“First, I am not going to comment on this song, what I can tell you is I have never in my life beaten up a woman and I am not about to do that as I have kids who are girls and I have a sister too. My matter with Sophie is at the high court for divorce and that is all I can say,” he added.
He claims that no one in their right minds would raise someone and take them to school only to later abuse them.
At this point, it is a ‘he said, she said,’ but you’re entitled to your opinion and have the right to choose who to believe.


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One thing’s for sure, there’s no child who would make up lies only to ruin a grown man’s good intentions if the allegations had not happened.