Maybe we’ll see Robert Marawa back at work soon.

Maybe we’ll see Robert Marawa back at work soon.

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Robert Marava has been unemployed since his notorious parting with SABC. For people with experience and expertise, it is only a matter of time before you find another job, and you will never be in a hurry. As a freelancer, you have always been very happy, which may be the best for your health, because as we all know, you have recently encountered some complications.

However, it seems that his voice is missed within the sports industry. Moreover, Marawa has a considerable following, therefore, his starting a sports-focused podcast would provide him with the freedom to steer the narrative in whichever way he pleases.

Robert, it’s time you create your Radio Station as many People love your shows. Hopefully, it will be bigger and hire other graduates as well. Every contract have expiring dates, and employers reserve the right to either extend or terminate such contracts.

After all, many of the broadcasters that will follow in his shoes are not half the man he was behind the microphone. Therefore, they will be easily discarded and easy to control. All black men in broadcasting are affected by this. No one else can be outspoken. No one else can be daring.