Mayihlome blames Zizo Tshwete for this!

Mayihlome blames Zizo Tshwete for this!

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Zizo Tshwete’s husband, Mayihlome tweeted that his son transmissible her stubbornness.

When scrolling through Zizo and Mayihlome’s Instagram pages, baby VK’s ( as dear spoken by his celebrated parents) makes quite many appearances:

One issue that typically stands out is that the putting likeness between Zizo Tshwete and her son. However, per Mayihlome, there is another innate cistron that tiny VK has transmissible from his mammy – her stubbornness!
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The former Home Affairs advocator isn’t one to share a lot of regarding his personal life, particularly details around his son and married woman. however it appears Mayihlome could not resist sharing this attention-grabbing choice morsel with the lots on Twitter.

”My thusn is so stubborn… positively gets it from his mater.” scan the tweet.

It is forever attention-grabbing being attentive of that totally different traits kids can inherit from their celebrity folks. Mayihlome and Zizo’s son is simply the most recent example of the fascinating genetic science at play.

During a candid interview with tv host, anoint Mdoda on her defunct broadcast, Real Talk. DJ Zinhle spoke overtly regarding the similarities between her baby dada, AKA and Kairo.

The mother of 1, unconcealed that her loveable female offspring, Kairo Forbes, positively transmissible the majority of her celebrated father’s mannerisms and temperament traits.

ANELE: ”When you explore Kairo, what reminds you of Kiernan(AKA).?”

ZINHLE: ”Everything! after I see Kairo, it’s simply Kiernan … it is a copy of Kiernan. and therefore the craziest issue is that, she started walking like him recently. and i am like, however why Kairo, you are a woman.”

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