Durban Gen: Mbali and Thabo may just find happiness in each other

Durban Gen: Mbali and Thabo may just find happiness in each other

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Mbali will never have peace in the Dlamini household. Mbali has no right to live her life the way she wants it. She lost her parents and then she was taken in by the Dlamini household and everything changed. They took her to school and that made them be more controlling towards her life. Sibusiso felt like he is in control of her. She got married to Sibusiso and she does not love him, she had to compromise her own happiness for him. She is in love with Lindelani and Sibusiso was not a saint he was sleeping with Precious. Thabo found out the truth and he killed him and this has made her life a miserable hell.

After Sibusiso was buried the lawyer read the will to the family. Sibusiso left everything to Mbali and she will get that everything after one year. Her mother-in-law was not happy about it , she was angry because Sibusiso did leave anything for her because she was a drunkard. Mbali saw it as a chance to be with Lindelani but things are not looking for her.

Her mother discovered that Mbali is dating Lindelani and she decided to make her get married to Thabo. Thabo is a drunkard and she is doing this for selfish reasons. She said that she is doing it to protect the legacy of the family. She wants it to remain in the family. This was not stated inside Sibusiso’s will. Lindelani has been going through a lot in the name of Love. Whenever he is with Mbali he will see Sibusiso’s ghost.

Mbali decided to do whatever that they want her to do. She has compromised her happiness because of it. Lindelani is tired of waiting for Mbali and he no longer wants anything to do with her. He is fed up and wants nothing to do with her.