Mbeje’s father laughs at him as he begs for help to get Philile back


Mbeje’s father laughs at him as he begs for help to get Philile back

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Mnakwethu Happily Ever After has shown us one thing this season. The determination of Sangoma and Maskandi singer, Mbeje, to get his former girlfriend Philile Vilakazi after being accused of bewitching her with a love potion. Something he has admitted time and time again.
Thes time he called a meeting with the elders but his own father was NOT interested.

It seems it wasn’t enough for him to do what he did and admit it, he has to drag it out each week until we all get tired of his face and words. He has shown no regret about his actions, only blaming everyone else around him for something he directly did by himself. He’s been a nuisance to viewers at large (and to myself)

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He isn’t a very likable man however, his father is a different story. He is a new favorite of the show and people have been singing his praises from last week. He tricked his son into admission of external sources and this week he was cackling at his inability to let things go. Pictures below, you can see him trying his best not to be obvious.


Social Media Response



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People were enjoying the animated old man who doesn’t have a care in the world about his sneaky son.

One user wrote, “The old man with mbeje can’t hold himself, he’s in stitches😂#MnakwethuHEA”

While another user noted, “Mbeje’s father laughing #MnakwethuHEA”

While a final user said what we were all thinking, “it’s Mbeje’s father laughing at him for me.😂💔#MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter #mnakwethuhea”

Personal Thoughts
I’m so glad we have a man with sense on the show. Mbeje’s father is a rare breed to be because none of the others are like him. I can’t say he isn’t a misogynist but at the very least he can acknowledge when something is right or wrong. He can tell that Mbeje is firmly in the wrong here and he is not intent on hiding it. I’m glad, people should speak about this more and normalize outing people who do bad things.

What do you think of Mbeje’s dad? Let me know in the comments…💬

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