Mchunu visited Anakho who was burned with hot water by Asanda Makaluza.

Mchunu visited Anakho who was burned with hot water by Asanda Makaluza.

Gomora star Sana Mchunu visited Anakho, who was burned with hot water by Asanda Makaluza because he was playing at her home’s gate.

In the video, Sana Mchunu was spotted playing with the little boy who was poured with hot water by his neighborhood. “Come and kiss me, my son.” Sana Mchunu was heard asking the little boy to kiss her. What happened to the boy has really heartbroken many people, especially after they heard that the boy was poured with hot water by someone who is older enough to understand that a child is a child.

It has been said that Asanda Makaluza, the suspect who poured hot water on the little boy, poured it on him simply because the victim was playing on her gate. Even though this was not the only reason, some other sources confirmed that the suspect was having a beef with the victim’s mother.

It has been said the suspect, who goes by the name Asanda Makaluza, got arrested, is now on trial, and will soon be successfully arrested.

Sana Mchunu was spotted in the picture while people were surrounding her after she visited the little boy.

It is a wonderful thing that Sana Mchunu did to the boy; her visit to the boy gave a wonderful space to the victim’s mother. Not all celebrities can do what she did. What she did shows she has a wonderful heart, especially for the children. May the almighty Lord keep on blessing you, Sana Mcgunu. You’re really a special person.

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