Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi

Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi

Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi

Radio and television temperament, Pearl Thusi is one ZAleb UN agency gets mistaken for several different South African a world celebrities that we’ve determined to compile a listing of all her lookalikes. She’s been mistaken to former Generations player, Danica Jones, TV presenter, Phumeza Mdabe to several more…

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Here’s a listing of 4 ZAlebs who’ve been mistaken for Pearl Thusi:

Danica Jones

Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl ThusiWhen Cape Town player, Danica Jones shortly appeared on Generations The inheritance to play a bisexual character named Tamryn, tweeps took to Twitter to seek out out if she’s somehow associated with Thusi or if she’s Thusi herself.

When Jones got many DM’s from Thusi’s fans, she cleared up the misunderstanding during a fourteen second video on twitter:

“Hi guys, therefore to answer all the messages that I’ve been obtaining… no i’m not associated with Pearl Thusi nor am I Pearl Thusi. My name is Danica Jones.”

Phumeza Mdabe

Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi
TV host, Phumeza Mdabe has conjointly been mistaken to Thusi once she 1st appeared on our screens many years agone to host Our good Wedding. Mdabe presently hosts a replacement show referred to as, Abandoned on mzansi magic wherever she connects adults UN agency were abandoned as youngsters to reconnect with their folks.

Angela Sithole

Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi
Another player UN agency’s been mistaken for Thusi is Angela Sithole who vie the role of Onica on The Queen. She conjointly vie the role of Terry on Zabalaza and vie a lesbian referred to as Zano on Lithapho.

Other shows Sithole has featured in include:

She acted in Diamond town wherever she vie Pearl, Generations The inheritance, wherever she vie Naledi, Hustle wherever she vie tai chi chuan / Angel, Isibaya wherever she vie Keisha’s friend, Isidingo wherever she vie Bev, mynah Nawe wherever she vie Kedibone and Rockville wherever she vie Pretty lady.

Qiniso Van Damme
Meet 4 beautiful women who look like Pearl Thusi
Model, player and masters student Qiniso Van Damme resembles Thusi the foremost on this list. once she was declared as “The Bachelorette South Africa”, Thusi’s fans in real time DM’d her on social media as they detected that she resembles Queen Sono player Pearl Thusi.

Van Damme and Thusi got therefore shut throughout her reign as “The Bachelorette South Africa” that they started having fun at folks scrutiny them to every different and commenced pertaining to one another as sisters.

It all started once Thusi’s fan asked Van Dammme: “Are you connected really?” to that she replied “We don’t seem to be connected. Shem. however that’s my massive sis.”

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