Meet 70-year-old Clement, he is married and is dating 39-year-old Dimpho

Meet 70-year-old Clement, he is married and is dating 39-year-old Dimpho

Mzansi’s Not Happy With 70yrs Old Man After He Went To #SengKhathele To Dump His 39yr Old Girlfriend
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Source: Hashtag #SengKhathele Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

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In tonight’s episode of #SengKhathele we meet 70-year-old Clement who is he is married and is also dating 39-year-old Dimpho. The man Clement went to #SengKhathele because he has caught his girlfriend Dimpho seeing other men,. Clement seems like he wants to end things with Dimpho.

Mpho’s Mother is 72 years while Mpho’s boyfriend is 70 years. Dimpoo said that she wasn’t aware of his age until in #SengKhathele? We ask ourselves if there’s still a Kady who does not know their partners She’s only discovering his age now I SengKhathele. She’s been dating this guy but doesn’t know his age, how possibly me is this.

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” I love her she must just stop her nonsense. ” – Bab Msomi

Ntante Msomi’s crying over his cheating side That time he’s an entire 70 years And he has a wife of his own. But Grandpa looks better than most 70 year olds ei. You only catch it when he speaks… Takes forever like my grandparents. Is he loyalty to her, while busy demanding it from his side? Msomi is expecting loyalty from a “Side” but he’s cheating on his wife!
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Ntate Msomi confirming to Lerato that it still stands and solid. He is selfish and doesn’t care about the people in his life ,especially his wife and kids. They were respectful towards each other and understanding. Such a lovely episode. My heart is so sore, women are going through hell for the sake of love out here. I’m so glad these queens are choosing themselves.


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