Meet AKA’s new girlfriend Shazy

Meet AKA’s new girlfriend Shazy

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Aka went to Zambia to perform last weekend. He shared lots of videos and photos from the event but left out one particular video.

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A woman from Zambia tagged AKA in a video where he kissed the lady on her cheek. She shared it on her Instagram page with the caption ‘My baby’ aka Superstar SupaMega with the heart and ring emoji.
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Now she even has a story pinned to her page of the video with the ring and heart emoji with initials I guess that only they understand? And she even has his song ‘Tears run dry’ on her bio just like AKA does. She is also a musician in Zambia so it is very strange that she would have AKAs song on her bro rather than her own.


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So could this be the new woman in Aka’s life or is she just a super fan? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.