Meet Ayanda Ncwane’s brother Phupho Gumede

Meet Ayanda Ncwane’s brother Phupho Gumede

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It has been a while now since Ayanda Ncwane’s brother Phupho Gumede has been nominated for the fashion stylist of the year category at the Africa Choice Awards that will be hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. If you know Ayanda Ncwane, then you definitely know Phupho’s work at its best.

Phupho is not only Ayanda’s stylist, but he has also worked with many other celebrities in the entertainment industry. He made his debut on The Real Housewives of Durban reality show and this is where people fell in love with him. Ayanda and her brother Phupho had people choked on the show and were some people’s favorites too.

Of course, people have voted for him and he is a very firm believer that his fans will come through for him. Phupho also wanted to grace the awards show with his presence, but it seems like he could not. He took to his Instagram to talk about how he was told he could not make it.

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“The Africa Choice Awards are this Saturday and today I was told that I cannot go to Lagos for them. I am sick to my stomach because I was really looking forward to being in Lagos this weekend”, Phupho wrote in a post.

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We wish Phupho well on the award that he is nominated for and hope that he will be announced as the winner and bring one home. Are you a fan of Phupho’s work since we have seen some of his work on Ayanda Ncwane’s outfits? Leave a comment and let us know.
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