Meet Ayanda Thabethe and her amazing creative sister.

Meet Ayanda Thabethe and her amazing creative sister.

Ayanda Thabethe is a South African TV host, entrepreneur, supermodel, and brand ambassador for some of the world’s leading brands. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Communication Management from BCOM and later with an honors degree in Marketing from the University of South Africa.

There is definitely so much that this amazing star has accomplished in her career in the entertainment industry as well as in the beauty and business industry. She has been working very hard to make sure that she accomplishes her dreams and so far she has done pretty well for herself. This amazing star recently took to social media to share breathtaking pictures with her sister.

Their pictures caught a lot of people’s attention as they announced that they will be launching their own makeup line. Their beauty in pictures which they shared on Instagram, took many by storm. They look very much alike and they are just incredible, their relationship as sisters has also inspired a lot of people in Mzansi. What do you think of Ayanda Thabethe’s recent pictures with her lovely sister?


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