Meet Dintle From Scandal Mapaseka Koetle And See How Great She Is

Meet Dintle From Scandal Mapaseka Koetle And See How Great She Is

Mapaseka Koetle who is famously and better recognized as “Dintle” because of the character she has been entrusted to portray on the famous ETV soapie, Scandal, is one of the characters who have been part of the soapie since its commencement. She has worked exceptionally well with her producers, directors, and the whole entire team in order to be able to portray the character of Dintle as expected. This international award-winning actress has been with Scandal for the past 10 years now, beginning in 2013 and she is still present.

As the classy and elegant woman she is portrayed on the screen to be, Mapaseka Koetle is also a classy and elegant woman in real life. She is a very stunning lady who is always causing a stir with her breathtaking pictures on her social media platforms. She has a very nice body that fits exceptionally well and beautifully in everything she wears. Her dress sense is definitely a great one and she dresses very decently.

As a fashion designer and the owner and founder of Uzuri Secrets which is a clothing boutique, it definitely makes sense as to why her outfits are always leaving her fans and followers astounded. Her boutique caters to women of class and elegance and does not cater to anything that has to do with sportswear or casual wear. Below are her stunning pictures on her Instagram account.

Mapaseka Koetle is one of the people who believe that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good. She believes in stepping out of her comfort zone and visiting her wardrobe to look stunning even on days when she feels sad. She says playing around with clothing items in order to achieve a stunning outfit is her favorite thing to do.

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