Meet DJ Euphonik’s wife number2 Aurelia Nxumalo

Meet DJ Euphonik’s wife number2 Aurelia Nxumalo

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DJ Euphonik’s or just Euphonik, real name Themba Nxumalo is a married man and a polygamist. In African culture, it is believed that a man who practices polygamy should be rich or wealthy and very potent in the bedroom. And Euphonik’s net worth (R34 million) proves that he is cable of marrying more than one woman.

Now back to the topic of the article, let’s have a glimpse of the two beautiful women married to Euphonik.

1. Aurelia Nxumalo

Aurelia Nxumalo

Aurelia Nxumalo (33) is a Durban-born lawyer, social media influencer, brand ambassador of Euphrates Cosmetics and a mother of two children. Aurelia welcomed her first bundle of joy in 2015 and another one in 2017 with her husband Euphonik. Aurelia is the second wife of the famous DJ. Now let’s get to the first wife who agreed to have a sister wife.
Meet Kholeka Qiniso Nxumalo (pictured below) who is a mother of three children. Much is not known about her career and Kholeka prefers to call herself a mother of 5. Kholeka and Euphonik welcomed their first bundle of joy in 2013 and in 2014 the local house maestro paid lobola for Kholeka.

According to media reports, the two wives get along together and attend each other’s parties and were seen partying together in October 2020. Something very uncommon is this day and age to see young sister wives getting along. These sister wives hardly commented about their personal lives and as of recent their husband together with DJ Fresh was accused of raping or sexually assaulting a particular female at a gig.

2- Kholeka Qiniso


However, 2 days ago Euphonik and DJ Fresh’s charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence from the complainant. This is not the first time Euphonik was charged for assaulting a female. In 2012, businesswoman and media influencer, Bonang Matheba (34) accused Euphonik of physical abuse and later dropped the charges. Shuu! It’s tough being in the public eye.

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