Meet Dj Melzi’s new and beautiful fiance

Meet Dj Melzi’s new and beautiful fiance

He is famously known as Dj Melzi, however, his real names are Tumelo Mphai. He is one of the most famous Djs in South Africa.

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At the age of only 19, the South African Dj, Dj Melzi has done so much well for himself.

Judging by his pictures, he is one of the richest young djs in the country. He owns a couple of expensive vehicles which costs more than R1 Million each.

Without taking anything away from other Djs and celebrities in the country, but Dj Melzi has pulled the unthinkable.
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He is wealthy at such a young age, securing the bag. One might imagine how rich he will be when he is above 49 years old.

The supporters hope he does not pull the stunts that some South African celebrities do. They normally, get money, spend it all, and by the time they are done with their music career, they are broke.

Check out Dj Melzi with his beautiful girlfriend:

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