Meet Duduzane Zuma’s beautiful wife. They got married in 2015

Meet Duduzane Zuma’s beautiful wife. They got married in 2015

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In recent months, Dududzane Zuma has been joined to Former Generations player Thuli Phongolo, however, she has rubbished the rumors that she is romantically joined with Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma.

This came once Thuli recently went on a sizzling vacation in Dubai and announce a snap of her bae and tweeps speculated that her boyfriend’s tattoo feels like Duduzane’s tattoo, World Health Organization has enraptured to Dubai.

In a series of tweets, Thuli debunked the allegations that she is chemical analysis the hunk, and surprise surprise, member doesn’t even understand Duduzane. Her response comes simply once a Twitter user defendant Duduzane of lying in his recent interview wherever he conjointly denied that he Associate in Nursingd Thuli aren’t an item.

The Twitter user aforementioned he would love to be like Duduzane once he becomes older in order that he will allegedly lie like him. Thuli caught wind of the tweet and hit back by speech communication Duduzane responded therefore what a lot of do folks need.

Another Twitter user wrote “Truthful and Powerful words from you mostly…Thuli is it extremely therefore, ar you chemical analysis Duduzane…I am bored to death with this story doing the rounds….we really don’t need something to travel by devastation your complete.” Thuli place the rumors to rest and aforementioned she doesn’t understand him.

In a recent interview with Podcaster macintosh G recently Duduzane set to line the record straight on this matter. once asked whether or not they ar Associate in Nursing item or not he at the start aforementioned he did not got to answer it because it is his business.

Then he asked macintosh G if Thuli had ever commented on the matter. once macintosh G ironed him for it, he created it clear that he has ne’er met Thuli not to mention date her.”Thuli could be a lovely girl, doing her factor, and l would like her all the simplest. i do not understand her and l have not met her.”

It is rumored that Duduzane got married to Shanice wading bird in 2015. The couple shared a baby along.

Thuli recently aforementioned she is even afraid to post as a result of social media detectives are laborious at work work celebs bae’s by characteristic their tattoos. This follows once they found Mihlali’s and Kefilwe Mabote bae.

“Sesisaba nokuposta ke manje ngoba investigata nama-tattoo phela Nina, iindaba zabantu nizazi ukundlula yezenu,” she wrote, that interprets to “ we have a tendency to ar currently even afraid to post as a result of you guys ar work tattoos, as a result of you guys understand alternative people’s businesses quite yours.”

Whilst some ar still speculating on her current young man others ar still stuck on the very fact that she was allegedly chemical analysis Murdah Bongz, World Health Organization has currently found love within the arms of DJ Zinhle. Murdah Bongz and Thuli 2 allegedly stony-broke up in 2018.