Meet Lee Khuzwayo’s Bae and baby daddy Sib’s Jali.

Meet Lee Khuzwayo’s Bae and baby daddy Sib’s Jali.

Lee Khuzwayo or Lee is a popular American YouTuber, blogger, social media personality, and entrepreneur. She is known to have invested in several companies proving how passionate she is as an entrepreneur. Lee is also a fashion enthusiast and model.

She is known to have modeled for various clothing brands and fashion houses. Her social media presence is well appreciated by her followers because of her warm and embracing nature.

One thing about people on social media they are too negative and mean people especially when it comes to comments. A picture of Lee Khuzwayo’s alleged baby daddy was shared on social media causing a stir on social media below is what was posted:

After this picture was posted on social media by Musa Khawula people started making fun of him. Saying all the mean comments someone even commented saying He’s young just unhealthy with sugar diabetes.

Then another one also commented saying Let’s just hope that the child wasn’t born with heritable diabetes. This is the portrait of diabetes you’re showing us.

People on social media are mean, looking at this man there’s nothing wrong with him. And that is why he is dating one of the most beautiful women in South Africa. And all those negative comments won’t change a thing.

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