Meet Mampho from House of Zwide new friend

Meet Mampho from House of Zwide new friend

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After Gaisang Noge posted a video dancing for her boyfriend when he was not seen but a voice was heard whilst Gaisang shouted “Baby look”,
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she has finally come public with him on an Instagram live video she started yesterday at night. His boyfriend’s name is Bokamoso and is 27 years old as of 2022.On the live video, the two love birds were telling how their live story started. Gaisang’s boyfriend revealed that Gaisang was the one who kissed him first before he ever did

he continued to say this really shocked him on the other hand enticed him.The two met in 2018 at a church conference were Gaisang’s boyfriend was invited as a speaker.
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After the conference was over, Gaisang served him with food and it became love on first sight. The relationship started off as a friendship which later they officially united as lovers.

Both their parents know of their relationship and have accepted it.

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Gaisang said that in this 4 years of being together, their parents have blessed their relationship and have been accepted at Bokamoso’s family as a daughter-in-law. Bokamoso has also been accepted as a son-in-law by Gaisang’s family.

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