Meet Actress Pamela Khoza from Generations


Meet Actress Pamela Khoza from Generations

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South Africa’s favorite pastime soap Opera generation the legacy has some of the finest women in entertainment. It is not easy being a lead on the show with more than 8 million viewers.

Znombona as her handle suggests on Instagram is the mover and shaker on Generations the Legacy. She came in as the estranged wife of Siyanda Khoza who together with her are star journalist reporters.
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In the episode that was supposed to air yesterday, Znombona is seen in a loving embrace with a young fella. The young fella is known to like them old and matured like fine wine.
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Things are about to get interesting in a forbidden love affair of a young fella and the lady who exposes the truth for a living. Could they go the distance or just chuck it of a moment of weakness and move on.
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Only time will tell, but be sure to keep your eyes clued to the screen, it’s about to get hot in your favourite show. Enough said!

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