Meet Sjava’s new girlfriend, whom mzansi loved

Meet Sjava’s new girlfriend, whom Mzansi loved


There is no doubt that Sjava is in fashion for the wrong reason. The award-winning singer has gained popularity after Mzansi knew who he was presumed to be his girlfriend.

However, Jabulani Hadebe is famous for Sjava. After confirmation, Black Twitter spent a long time connecting the dots. Has this been the girl Sjava said recently? Can this be a Sjava trophy?

We can all say Sjava that Sjava threw a few sticks praising Majobe, and this woman was Majobe. Posted on Twitter Sjava’s presumed girlfriend displayed her area.

She tweeted on Twitter “A Tom Bika Java, a masochist,” which means “I’m Sheabar’s girlfriend.” Below are some of the comments in the comments section after her tweet.

Kahle kahle esouth africa imisebenzi engekho, Kodwa abantu abahle bona sinabo, bheka nje umajobeingelosi.

However, has it been reported recently that Pictures: Sjava and Lady Zama are back together? Celebrities don’t end up surprising us.

Musician Sjava is trying to create an OnlyFans account, but his reasoning seems a bit odd. We want to create a platform that only Musso fans can access and interact with.

Referring to Twitter, Sjava writes, “It would be great if only fans could see my posts.” Then the idea of ​​creating an OnlyFans account was given to him. After his fans made fun of him, he finally gave in to the idea.

OnlyFans is an app that allows you to earn money from your subscribers. When they subscribe, they pay a month. Right now most people are using things and much more explicit content apps.

But the most interesting thing is that it inspired the idea of ​​creating an account. Well, there seems to be a new woman who has captured the heart of no source, but she’s a bit like his ex-girlfriend Maru Gynecology.

In his later years, Sjava and Lady Zama made public claims to keep them from attracting popularity. Between his r_pe and ab_se claims Sjava lost multiple performances and was unpopular.