Meet the mystery man that has won Bonang’s heart

Meet the mystery man that has won Bonang’s heart

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The fun and hilarious Bonang Matheba has returned by popular demand people! Queen B had a fun engagement together with her fans on Twitter where she revealed that she slid into Bill Gates’ DMs after he announced his divorce from Melinda Gates after 27 years of marriage.

Ever since announcing what many of us are deeming the most important divorce since Jeff Bezos, many ladies and men flocked into his DMs showing an interest within the Microsoft billionaire. It seems as if our very own Bonang has shot her own shot at him and is prepared to be cuffed by the billionaire.
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When asked by a lover if she has slid into his DMs so far , she replied with “I’ve DMed him…Jeff too! Send me prayers.”

Her once rumored bae Sizwe Dhlomo even offered to offer her quick access into Jeff and Bill by giving her their numbers.

It’s good to ascertain the media mogul in elation following the passing of her cousin Pinky Girl’s grandmother.

Bonang has such a lot to celebrate for as her very own House Of BNG just sold over half 1,000,000 cans in only 4 months. She thanked everyone who supported her so far , “Thank you to everyone supporting me!!! To the highest ..”

Bonang has bigger plans for her wine brand, hoping that she makes it to the JSE. “We’re getting to the JSE. God willing!”

Speaking to TshisaLive at the time, she said because the first Black woman who may be a member of Cap Classic Producers Association, wasn’t easy because the expectations were high. “Entering the posh beverage market has had its challenges in fact but through strategic planning with a transparent vision and an excellent team who understood all the logistics, it’s proven a hit . There are many moving parts, so you’ve got to stay your eye on everything, all the time,” she said.

“To watch it all unfold and to ascertain the House of BNG as a celebration partner to a number of SA’s biggest events has been incredible.”