Meet the twins who spent all their money to look alike

Meet the twins who spent 2.8 million rands to look alike

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Twin sisters have spent about £140k, which is about 2.8 million rands on surgery just to look very identical. They also said something that also said something that shocked many people, the twins revealed that they want to do surgery just to have a matching designer private part.

The two twins identified as Dolly and Daisy Simpson are 25-year-old ladies from Stockton-on-Tees. The both appeared on the “This Morning” show together with their mother, Christina, to talk about them undergoing surgery to have a matching nose and bo*bs.

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The sister disclosed that they hope to get matching labiaplastys and are also considering getting the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Their mum who was together with them in the show said that she was surprised by their decision, adding that she found the circumstances ‘difficult’. Christina also disclosed that when the twins are undergoing those procedures of surgery, she hasn’t been told everything about it.

When Phillip Scofield, the host of the show asked a question saying, “So you want to make yourselves look identical, but you both have very different faces.”

Daisy admitted that her face was rounder before, and they can’t change bone structure, so they try their best with what they can do.

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Dolly added: ‘And when we go to the surgeon, we do ask for the same look and try to get the same result.’

The beginning of their surgery started with lip fillers at 18, with Daisy saying they liked each other’s lips, and when they were fuller and we did think, “What else can we get next?”

‘We realised it was quite easy to get things done.’

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Daisy confessed that her sister has had but she hasn’t yet. Dolly responded that Daisy has been booked for it but because of the coronavirus restriction, she was not able to do the surgery.

Surprised by their actions, Phil the presenter asked them, ‘Why did you need to look alike?’

Daisy replied, ‘We don’t need to look alike, it’s just we both have that insecurity.’

Dolly while replying to he presented confessed that they have similar ideas but not completely, adding that she is more extreme.

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Daisy added: “I do want a bit more done. I would get bigger bo*bs but she wants a BBL and stuff, I don’t.”

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