Meet this Hendrick Makuya millionaire’s wife


Meet this Hendrick Makuya millionaire’s wife

Who Is The Richest Man In Venda?

He goes by the name Hendrick Makuya, but he is passionately known as Mr Doritos because of the many dorito snacks he can actually eat.

And if you think that’s not interesting, it is reported that he is actually still in highschool and the maroon suit that many know him for is actually his highschool uniform.

Looking at his Instagram, Hendrick only has over 2,800 followers and is always if not most of the time flaunting his wealth and some of the things that he owns, and of course, the number of doritos he can afford to buy on a daily basis.

Hendrick Makuya Age And Family

While it is only known that Hendrick is actually still in Grade 9, details of his actual age have not yet been made public but we can only assume that he is a teenager.

But if you have a look at his photos now, it really does not make sense how he could be a teenager! Yes he doesn’t look that old, but he definitely looks old enough.

Born and raised in Ha-Makuya village in Venda, he is the son of Mr Samuel Johnson Erick David Nditwani Makuya and Azwitamisi Thinavhuyo Vidah Makuya, with the knowledge of his siblings still being unknown.

What Does Hendrick Makuya Do For A Living?

It is still a mystery how a high schooler is able to afford the luxurious lifestyle that he shares widely on his social media.

However, with the many gigs that he has been landing with celebrities, we can only assume that he has been cashing in on them. It is also rumored that he owns quite a number of livestock and is said to generate his income from his farming ventures.

Other than that, not much can be said about his money making ventures which is all the more reason why it fascinates many that Mr Doritos here can afford such a lavish lifestyle.

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