Meet Zola 7’s ex-wife, whom she married for 16 years

Meet Zola 7’s ex-wife, whom she married for 16 years

Zola 7, the renowned South African musician, has been making headlines not only for his music but also for his alleged secret marriage to Sibongile Nkabinde. Sibongile, who got married to Zola 7 at the young age of 19, has come forward with her side of the story, shedding light on their tumultuous relationship.

Sibongile Nkabinde, sometimes referred to as Zola 7’s secret wife, claims that Zola misled the public about their marital status. In 2009, Zola’s family reached out to the Nkabindes, indicating that there were complexities surrounding their marriage. Sibongile disclosed to the Daily Sun that while Zola soared to fame in Johannesburg, she found herself confined to his mother’s house in Dobsonville. Their interactions were limited, and she could only see him on weekends, often for mere physical intimacy. She describes their 26-year marriage as an agonizing experience.

Despite the challenges they faced, Sibongile Nkabinde remained a devoted and loving wife to Zola 7 for 16 years. She worked tirelessly to protect his reputation and honor. However, even after Zola kicked her and their three children out, Sibongile claimed that he continued to inflict emotional harm by sending her insulting messages.

Zola 7 collaborated with fellow South African musician Casper Nyovest on a song that showcased his enduring songwriting talent. This collaboration demonstrated that, despite personal hardships, Zola’s creative abilities remained intact. Additionally, Zola has expressed an interest in starting a church, signaling a new direction in his spiritual journey.

The story of Zola 7’s alleged secret marriage to Sibongile Nkabinde has captivated the public’s attention. While the true nature of their relationship may never be fully revealed, Sibongile’s revelations offer insight into the challenges she faced as Zola’s supposed wife. As Zola continues to create music and explore his spiritual pursuits, his personal life remains a fascinating enigma. It serves as a reminder that fame and success often come with complex relationships and personal struggles that extend beyond the limelight.

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