Melita dug her grave holding Maputla’s heir


Melita dug her grave holding Maputla’s heir

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Meikie’s next killing, which the witchdoctor witnessed could exceptionally not long after figuring out that John Maputla had been having an illicit relationship with Melita despite her good faith.
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It isn’t is to be expected that John finds himself again with one more lady since he has become used to his methodologies and realizes that Meikie will battle for the marriage regardless of whether it implies killing.
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It is conceivable that Melita may be pregnant with John’s youngster. She has been having pregnancy true is might this be.
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Will Meikie battle again or will she decide to leave the marriage? Meikie is so difficult, yet this time she should just release John since his conduct won’t ever stop, yet all the same just become more terrible. Assuming John thought often about his better half, he wouldn’t engage different ladies, however it shows that he really focused less on their marriage.

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