Melusi cries and feels pain for the loss of his Unborn Son.

Melusi cries and feels pain for the loss of his Unborn Son.

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Melusi Dlamini on the telenovela Gomora seems to be having short-lived moments of happiness. He is supposed to be happy as he voluntarily went and stayed with Thathi leaving Gladys whom she thought was the devil at that moment, as she killed his dearest son Langa. It is ironic how easy it was for Melusi to walk out of Gladys’s life, and leave her while she was pregnant and yet wanted to be part of their lives.

The grass looks greener where it’s not watered by you. It was easy for Melusi to assume that Thathi is the perfect saint with no skeletons in her closet because he didn’t know her. Melusi’s character shows how it is easy for people to run away from their problems when they are supposed to face them and assume that they would disappear. Melusi forgot that he will not be entirely happy without dealing with the issue at hand. See the below:

Melusi was looking for a place that looked greener in his eyes. However the tables have turned, not all that glitters is gold. Will he be able to swallow the bitter truth of Thathi being the reason that Gladys lost their child? Is Melusi running away from taking responsibility or dealing with his challenges? Will he go back to Gladys or will he forgive Thathi?

Melusi’s commitment has been tested with Gladys and he failed, will he stay committed to Thathi or will he leave her as well? Commitment and forgiveness go hand in hand in a relationship but not in Melusi’s dictionary. As long as he has a place that he can run to then he will choose the easier way out of his troubles.

One thing that Melusi learned the hard is that everyone has their shortcomings, it’s a pity that both women who are in his life have the same spot.