Mihlali doesn’t play games with these haters.


Mihlali doesn’t play games with these haters.

Most fans can agree that all it takes for Mihlali to trend is for her to just breathe… and viola! sis is the talk of the town.

It’s always clapback season in the celeb world and Mihlali Ndamase has just joined in on the fun. The beauty influencer is somehow always targeted by haters who scrutinize her every move.

In two separate occasions, Mihlali was ready to put haters in their place. She shared an Instagram story of her getting lipolysis injections (a cosmetic procedure for people who want to destroy fat cells) around her armpit region. People were ready to go in on her ‘cosmetic procedure’ and recommended that she uses the gym instead.

In response to the haters, she called out people who project their insecurities onto others and flatly said they are jealous. She further went on to say if people had money to do plastic surgeries they would definitely do it, instead they judge people who do them because they cannot afford it.

She then took things further by saying; “I’ll smack you, don’t try that sh*t with me.”

In another incident that got the streets talking, seeing how she was trending at number 1, was when a fan claimed Mihlali bought a fake designer bag. Mihlali gracefully replied to the troll by saying, “Lol, heal” and showed proof that it is indeed a legit Chanel bag.

Social media trolls are forever ready to reign on Mihali’s parade however her subtle yet classy clapbacks sure do put haters in their place.

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