She is not comfortable wearing revealing clothes in Mzansi.


She is not comfortable wearing revealing clothes in Mzansi.

Female celebrities are using their platforms to speak out on issues affecting the country everyday.

Mihlali Ndamase has revealed that she is most comfortable in another country than in her own, South Africa. This is because of the challenges the country faces on a daily basis when it comes to women and child abuse. On social media, it is almost everyday that there is a hashtag that increases women's fears.

For Mihlali, it is wearing revealing clothes that makes her very uncomfortable. The make-up artist said wearing revealing clothes overseas is much safer than here in Mzansi.

The deleted tweet read: “I'm really not comfortable wearing revealing things here. I don't know why, but when I travel I can wear the shortest shorts, even G-string swimsuits. I'm 10x more comfortable in another country than I am at home. Yikes."

The debate the tweet sparked is what lead her to deleting the post as some men took offence.

In a separate post, Rouge Rapper shared her experience when it came to police brutality; explaining that she was violated by a traffic officer. During a roadblock in Fourways, Johannesburg, a Metro Police cop made a violating remark about the way she was dressed.

Speaking to TshisaLive the Dololo hitmaker said the cop approached her and asked for her license. Just as he was about to give her license back, "he flashed his flashlight on my thighs because he could see I was wearing shorts,” said the rapper.

She continued, “He then asked why I wasn't wearing long pants, considering I was driving alone late at night. Although he was being humorous, I still felt very uncomfortable about it.”

This was not the first time that Rouge has experienced misconduct from a police officer. She took to twitter to share the experience.