Mihlali Ndamase apologises after being dragged by tweeps

Mihlali Ndamase apologises after being dragged by tweeps

After being dragged by people on Twitter, media personality Mihlali Ndamase has retracted her statement and apologised for being insensitive.

Amid tragic looting and unrest following the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma, many celebrities have used their social media platforms to speak out against the mayhem.
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YouTuber Mihlali took to Twitter on Tuesday and jokingly made light of the looting. She asked her followers when looting would occur at her favourite car brand’s shop.
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“When are we looting Merc?” she wrote, in a now deleted tweet.

er post about Mercedes Benz.
Image: Twitter/Mihlali Ndamase
The tweet quickly had tweeps flooding her timeline, dragging her for not being conscious of the timing of her ‘bad joke’.

After deleting the post, Mihlali said that she was not trying to be insensitive, adding that she did not consider the harm it could create.

“With immediate retraction, I’d like to apologise on the tweet I published earlier. I jokingly put that out without considering the harm it may cause given my position. The intent wasn’t to be insensitive.” she wrote.

In her apology the YouTuber reassured her fans that she had learnt her lesson.

“Mercedes-Benz is one of my favourite car brands, I adore them, hence the joke. Of course I wouldn’t wish that on any business or person. This is a lesson learnt and once again, I sincerely apologise.”