For these reasons, Mihlali Ndamase bashed Musa Khawula

For these reasons, Mihlali Ndamase bashed Musa Khawula

Mihlali Ndamase


Social media was awash this weekend after popular commentator Musa Khawula revealed that he had been assaulted by Mihlali Ndamase.

Ndamase is an influencer who has made a mark for herself in the world of social media and she has really aced her role.

She allegedly came up against Khawula at the Durban July and she emerged victorious as she left him with a bruised and swollen eye.

It seems as though the assault stems from the fact that that Ndamase was not happy when Khawula involved her family in the beef.

“I’m not in the business of explaining myself and responding to BS even when a false narrative is being pushed because I know my truth and my work speaks for itself, but the moment you start attacking my loved ones, it’s personal,” said Mihlali.



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Mihlali said she wishes she had taken his eye off and she would do it again if the opportunity arises.

Khawula has crafted a name for himself on social media by revealing juicy details about celebrities.

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