Mihlali Ndamase calls her ex-boyfriend a thief


Mihlali Ndamase calls her ex-boyfriend a thief

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Mihlale Ndamase is a South African Content Creator, Vlogger, Make-up Artist, and Social media influencer. She has made a name for herself through her male up tutorials which she posts on YouTube.

She was born in Kwazulu natal, South Africa on the 29th of November, 1996. She’s 25 years old.

She was raised by her grandmother in the small town of kostad in kwazulu natal, South Africa.
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Mihlali is one of the few Celebrities that are known for being humble and minding their own businesses.

Well, this one fan didn’t see it coming, mihlali just became someone fans didn’t believe she could be, probably was showing off the true colors.

The Youtuber went to Instagram to expose her ‘Then friend ‘ @mbalenhle_m_ for stealing, according to Mihlali the girl is a thief!

“Guys this is girl is a thief, be very careful of her. She literally makes a living off stealing from her friends and the people she comes across. Don’t let her into your personal space ” says @Mihlali ndamase

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Fans were very disappointed for her to call out her friend like that, some believe she could’ve gone straight to the Police station to report the matter.

“Hektik! A case of kleptomania Perhaps? ? She needs treatment if that’s the case.No no cure for this. I wouldn’t expose her thou . She was once a friend and even thou she stole from me I’d advise her to seek help. Some things don’t need social media ” Says one fan

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