Mihlali Ndamase is accused of allegedly wrecking a marriage

Mihlali Ndamase is accused of allegedly wrecking a marriage

Mihlali Ndamase
From cheesecake to Mihlali Ndamase, South Africans are getting more exposure this festive season.
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The Sunday World newspaper has come out guns blazing with an article that claims that a businessman’s wife has divulged how Mihlali Ndamase ruined her marriage.

Ndamase is an award-winning social media creator with an avalanche of followers.

She is also considered an influencer and she does promos for a number of local and international brands.

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When approached for comment, the businessman and Ndamase declined to comment.

The matter is sub judice,” said Ndamase when talking to Sunday World on the businessman’s mobile phone.

But a source close to Ndamase said it was not true that she wrecked the businessman’s marriage.

“He [the businessman] told her that he had separated from his wife when he asked to have a relationship with her. Mihlali is a good woman with high morals and very ethical businesswoman who is family orientated. She would not have willfully fell in love with a married man,” said the source.

According to the woman, she and their two children were allegedly locked out of their R24 million mansion.

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According to the Sunday World, the startling revelations are contained in court papers filed at the Joburg high court by the businessman’s 33-year-old wife, who is demanding a decree of divorce, an R8.5-million house, R1.5-million for furniture and a vehicle worth R1.5-million, which he has to replace every five years, until she dies or remarries.

Their union, said the woman, broke down irretrievably after he had adulterous affairs with different women, she did not name, including Ndamase.

The woman further said she also wanted the businessman to pay her R100000 a month in spousal maintenance until she dies or remarries as her income is insufficient to afford the high standard of living she enjoyed while with her husband.

The expensive life, she said, includes a fleet of expensive cars, and shopping for designer items at expensive boutique stores, among others.

Source: Sunday World Sun, 13 Nov 2022

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