Mihlali Ndamase Slams Rumours That She Is Dating Banele

Mihlali Ndamase Slams Rumours That She Is Dating Banele

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihali Ndamase has laid to rest some requests from followers who want her and ex-boyfriend Banele, from big-league DJ’s to urge back together.

The two were at a mutual event hosted by Bonang Matheba for the launch of her latest drink from her House of BNG luxury MCC brand – the BNG Nectar. The event had social media wanting a taste of the fine life, and it’s all because of Mihali’s IG stories.

Mihlali Ndamase also made it known that Queen B couldn’t help but keep her hands off her! She tweeted, “Bonang keeps on touching my bum, surely we should always just get married”. She then shared a video of the pair bumping and grinding on the floor, as everyone watched them. She captioned the video with, “Lovely day with my wife, samthandi.”
Mihlali Ndamase Slams Rumours That She Is Dating Banele
The launch party was themed white, gold and pink which correlated perfectly with the aesthetics of the BNG Nectar cans. a number of South Africa’s most well-known stars gathered for the celebration, as everyone sipped on the new drink and shared visuals from the day on their Instagram pages. a number of the famous faces who were attending include Tshepi Vundla, Mfumu Mhinga, Sarah Langa, Jay Badza and in fact , her cousin and bestie, Pinky Girl.

Major League DJ’s were playing their set at the party and therefore the YouTuber documented all of that, whilst dancing her shoes off.

Later on, Banele shared a couple of snaps of he, Mihlali, Sarah Langa, His twin brother Bandile Mbere and Bonang Matheba.

The beautiful picture sparked some speculations from followers who were curious to understand more about their ‘friendship.’

Mihlali Ndamase Slams Rumours That She Is Dating Banele
Mihlali was not having any of that so she told the tweep to rest. She has since deleted the tweet.
The twins engaged during a game of ‘cuff or pass’ on their YouTube channel and Mihlali’s name popped up. albeit she denied ever dating Major League’s Banele, Mihlali was mentioned along side other famous female celebrities, and her ex had nothing but goodies to mention about her.

Banele then mentioned a couple of things about his ex saying she was a funny person and a tough worker, calling her a ‘boss lady.’ Mihlali had squashed ‘assumptions’ that she and Banele were ever an item saying people should stop associating her with DJ’s.

Ndamase is happily during a relationship and will not stop gushing about her boyfriend. She recently shared a vlog on YouTube of her getaway together with her mystery man and had tweeted earlier thereon she may be a “gone girl”