Mihlali Ndamisa won’t leave Mary Jane’s husband

Mihlali Ndamisa won’t leave Mary Jane’s husband

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MusaKhawula on Mihlali Ndamisa today 12 June 2022 on the issue of Homewrecker and ruining Maryjane marriage, yesterday night Mihlali Ndamisa was on video call with Maryjane husband last night.

Before the video call, it was reported that they were spotted having dinner together last night, Twitter reacts after what Mihlali said on the live on Instagram that she will not leave her husband to another woman just to please anybody.

Twitter react on that statement after the story was shared by MusaKhawula on his Twitter account, “it is nice when you are still doing it to others wait until it is done unto you by someone like you”. It is true that you can destroy someone’s marriage you can never be sure because the same thing can also be done unto you.
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This message was directed to Mihlali after what she said about not leaving her husband of Maryjane and going out on dinner with him, behind her back. Again we can blame the woman as much as we wish but also Maryjane husband was the one who obviously took advantage of Mihlali and approached her, only Mihlali can be dragged on social media but also the husband is responsible for his own actions.

He is married but still being stopped on dinner dates with other women, that is what is called lack of self-respect and embarrassing your partner in public. If you feel like there’s something missing at home just leave you wife or husband do not cheat on them because that will break them more than cheating on them.

You can easily say I can not continue with the marriage and it all end there then do whatever you wish to do without embarrassing your wife of husband by cheating.

He was exposed on Twitter today by Musa Khawula.

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