Mihlali to Musa Khawula “You have a whole murder case to worry about”

Mihlali to Musa Khawula “You have a whole murder case to worry about”

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This afternoon Musa tweeted: “Not ya’ll being left to use the Malakayt app that nobody asked for, for baby girl to fly to Bots for her nails. Jokes write themselves.”

Malakyt is Mihlali’s app, allowing people to access beauticians in their areas.

Mihlali then aired out Khawula’s dirty laundry, saying that he has a whole murder case to worry about. He shouldn’t be worried about her having a nail technician.

“You have a whole murder case to worry about, I don’t think me having the luxury of flying a nail technician in and out of the country should be your concern my baby,” tweeted Mihlali.

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In recent weeks Musa has been tweeting about Mihlali’s private life, alleging that she’s seeing a married man.

In a Twitter thread, Khawula shared a number of snaps from Mihlale’s close friend’s content where she shares her love experience and weekend plans with her partne. He also shared a video of Mihlali at a club with said boyfriend.

He also exposed Mihlali’s contact details and address Twitter people found it irresponsible and dangerous, especially in a country with high numbers of domestic abuse and rape.

The controversial tweet from the blogger was removed by Twitter and he is yet to issue any apology to Mihlali and her family.

Just last week Musa Khawula and thepopcornroom shared an image of Leeroy and Mihlali looking

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