Minnie Dlamini asks fans to pray for her family

Minnie Dlamini asks fans to pray for her family

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The pandemic has been a difficult period to go through for everybody and the latest family to speak out about their hardships is the Joneses. Minnie Dlamini has pleaded with her followers to please keep her and her family in their prayers as times are tough.

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On social media people have expressed disappointment after the country was placed under level 4 as we battle the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Minnie Dlamini as well as her husband Quinton Jones and their son Netha Jones are going through the most.

This after her post on Instagram which suggests that her family is taking a break from their duties to deal with what they have encountered. She asked her followers to please pray for each one of them as they are on their hiatus.

Her cryptic post did not quiet reveal much about who might have contracted the virus but she did warn her fans that it is not to be taken lightly.

“My family and I are currently out of commission…COVID is real and this wave is hectic!!! Stay safe and keep us in your prayers!!!” she tweeted.

Recently Nadia Nakai also warned her followers about the virus especially if the person contracted it and did not have any symptoms. The rapper revealed that she is asymptomatic but is isolating which left her bored.

“So I just wanna let you know that I have tested positive for COVID I have zero symptoms which is crazy. I know I sound nasally but it’s not real.”

“I just wanna let you guys know that you should still be careful because you could be carrying the virus without even f*cking knowing. The f*ck COVID. Anyway, I’m fine, my family is fine and I’m recovering even though I don’t really have any symptoms. So now I’m just taking thotty pictures in my house cause I’m bored,” said Nadia.

Cassper Nyovest on the other hand also suffered greatly as a result of level 4. Cass lost out on a lot of money when he planned his shoe launch with Drip Footwear. He had to postpone that event, worse, he had to let go of his employees.

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He said he has enough money to last him a lifetime, it’s his employees he has to think of. “Lemme tell you sumn big fella. I will not be affected at all my guy. I am set to survive years with no income. My employees though, I will have to let go of at this rate. How are they going to feed their families? Yall do not understand that our businesses feed so many families,” he responded.

he further ranted, saying the company spent a lot of money planning the event so if it were to not happen that would be money wasted. “Tomorrow was supposed to be the launch of my new sneaker #RootOfFame. The company spent so much money & time planning tomorrow. If Gauteng gets locked down tonight I would not be okay. Ya noh, its very hard to progress in these times. How about a warning 2 weeks before or sumn?”

“We are doomed. Finished! Done! Y’all stay safe out there. I hope we make it out alive at least because our livelihoods are officially gone,” he ranted.