Minnie Dlamini brings joy to the hearts of her fans

Minnie Dlamini brings joy to the hearts of her fans

Minnie Dlamini Jones is competing in 2022 with a few tweaks here and there and fans are having fun on social media.

This media magnate and businesswoman had the best time of her life in Cape Town since earlier this week. She joins her girl gang, which looks back on the past year and at the same time sums up everything that ever happened.

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Meanwhile, Minnie Dlamini Jones and the girls are preparing for the New Year. Now that 2022 is finally here, the media personality isn’t holding back from showing her fans what she’s up to this year. Minnie Dlamini’s removal from Instagram inundated fans with sultry photos showing off their new “Lewk” (as New Age kids write these days) to everyone.
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Apparently, Minnie Dlamini Jones will be promoting the “hot girl vibe” all year round and we’ve already screwed things up. In the photo you can see the mother in a sexy brown suit showing all her advantages. Minnie doesn’t say much about her writing. She just wished everyone a happy new year.


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Of course, no one would accuse her of speaking less, because the photos speak volumes. Fans quickly flooded their comments with compliments. Some even asked her to play fair with the highlighted content as it had been under pressure for some time. But what can we say? Content is content, there is no such thing as fair play.

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