Minnie Dlamini celebrates 12 years as a host on live TV


Minnie Dlamini celebrates 12 years as a host on live TV

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Minnie Dlamini has been a public figure for so long that we may sometimes take it for granted. So she recently took to her social media to celebrate a big milestone along with her fans and followers.

The media personality took to Instagram to announce that she was celebrating close to 12 years of being a host on live TV, much to our surprise. It really feels like it was just the other day when she hit the screens for the first time, and even though she has pretty much become one of our favourite faces on live TV, it still doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.


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In the comments of the celebratory post, a budding TV presenter asked her for tips on how to navigate presenting on live TV for the first time. Minnie confessed that she gets nervous every single time before a show. She said getting nervous is a good sign as it shows that what you are about to do is really important to you. She then advised them to take a deep breath and leave those nerves behind as soon as the cameras start to roll, which is all such great advice!

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The philanthropist is the latest celebrity to join the Jaguar SA family. She was recently made a brand ambassador for the company in South Africa, and has already been doing such an amazing job representing the brand. She recently got together with her other Jaguar- owning celebrity friends to create content for the brand, and those are the kinds of friendships we are manifesting for our lives going forward.


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But the TV presenter has not only made headlines for good reasons of late. Not too long ago, she found herself on the wrong side of Mzansi social media as she was brutally body shamed. This came after fellow media personality Unathi Nkayi shared a video of them together, which immediately went viral.

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In the video, the two of them, along with a few other friends, were dancing to the viral Nkao Tempela challenge, while all dressed in sexy bikinis. Fans were in awe of Unathi’s body, which is toned and looks amazing. Like social media usually does, rather than just compliment Unathi on her banging body and leave it at that, they started to compare her to Minnie.

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As one fan said, they would never have imagined that a day would come when Unathi would be hotter than Minnie. They further shamed her for “letting herself go” since she got married and had a baby. But Minnie still looks amazing and the complaints make no sense. Seriously, just have a look.

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