Minnie Dlamini feels disappointed, and the reason is Quinton Jones

Minnie Dlamini feels disappointed, and the reason is Quinton Jones

It has been over a year since the former Mrs. Jones, Minnie Dlamini, announced her divorce from her first husband, Quinton Jones. The couple had been married for four years when they announced their divorce, with a one-year-old son too.

The announcement was shared in February 2022, the couple put on a united front when they shared a joint statement which at the time was reported as:

“In the last 2 years, our family has experienced incredible joy and devastating loss. During this time, we found comfort in knowing we had each other.”

“Despite our better efforts to absorb the changes in motion, the emotional burden and the post-traumatic distress of our individual loss outweighed our will. After months of separation and consultations with our family and a counselor, we have taken the decision to officially file for divorce, she continued.

The media personality said they will continue to be business partners with Quinton and loving parents to their son Netha. In closing, she pleaded for privacy during this difficult period.

“Despite the end of our marriage and romantic relationship, we remain friends, business partners, and loving parents to our beautiful son. This was a difficult decision to come to and even more heart-breaking to have to announce. In the wake of this news, we ask that you please grant us privacy during this difficult time.” she said.

Now it seems as if the divorce is taking too much time to be finalized, Minnie is slowly opening up about what might have caused the end of her marriage.


Recently taking to her Instagram Stories, Minnie seemed to hint at the reason for her divorce. This is as she shared a post that talks about dating, specifically marrying a man who is a narcissist who uses “love bombing” as a tactic to keep the woman they are in a relationship within a toxic cycle in their relationship.

Love Bombing is a term defined as, “a controlling and manipulative tactic most often used by narcissists and abusive people. They seek to quickly obtain affection and attention before tearing their victims down. They may appear charming and exciting in the beginning, but this usually fades away and is replaced with emotional abuse.”

The full clip that shares more details which seems to explain why Minnie might have taken less on-camera work during her marriage explained:

In the past, Minnie had shared details about the demise of her marriage by sharing that:

Speaking to Zimoja Lezinto, she revealed that she is taking a break from appearing on TV to focus on producing her own shows.

“The shows I have been offered don’t make sense to me, hence I am taking time off to focus on my company. “I have been writing and submitting shows, and it is too early to divulge more at the moment,” she said.

The actress also opened up about her divorce from Quinton Jones. According to the actress, she hopes the process will be completed soon so that she can regain her surname.

“I can’t wait to get my surname back, although I changed it on all my social media platforms. But it’s not official yet.”

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