Minnie Dlamini leaves Instagram in flames!

Minnie Dlamini leaves Instagram in flames!

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Minnie Dlamini has caused a stir once again on social media after sharing a nude picture of her, with literally nothing on. The presenter was only wearing a long blond wig which covered her private parts – only.

Her nude picture received some mixed reactions from social media as many felt it was too revealing, especially for a mother and a wife. The last time Minnie broke the internet was when she partnered with Brooklyn Winter to recreate the singer’s 90’s Bootylicious look to honour her 40th birthday.

At least then she was all covered up and her booty stole the show. This time, her booty did also steal the show, but it was uncovered, which received mixed reactions.


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The snap which received more than 150 000 likes on Instagram, saw a handful of negative comments from people saying it was unnecessary for her to share such.

zein_webb: “We love you, Minnie but this photo was so unnecessary…she’s seeking attention in a wrong way,” said a follower. Another one said people are praising this picture whereas it is very tasteless.

lisamagy: “A mother, a wife being naked in public…what a wife material.”

thepatiencemaps: “All in the name of trending, this is sad.”

ayestro1: “We really don’t wanna see a married woman nude Minnie, hay waze wasilinga Minnie.”

west_inkk: This z wat women do when they’re about to LEAVE their HUSBANDS.”

che_mavi: “Is this necessary though??? U beautiful, smart u name it…but this wow. But hey what can we say!!! Looks good for your husbands eyes only just saying.”

Minnie has scored yet another partnership with Ipanema South Africa. In a statement sent to social media, Minnie said she is very excited to be partnering with this company. “I’m excited to announce that I’m the face of @ipanemasouthafrica. A brand that encompasses the summer beach girl that I am truly feels like home. Sustainability and social responsibility has always been very important to me.

“Working with a brand that is a 100% recyclable Vegan, committed to preserving the beauty of this planet and keeping every woman looking fashionable with technology that gives us lasting comfort. What more can one ask for? It’s time to own summer.”

Speaking about Minnie being a wife, she recently opened up about marriage not being easy. Minnie and her husband Quinton Jones celebrated their 4th year anniversary on 16 September. They wanted to throw in the towel numerous times but survived those many attempts.

“Marriage is not easy and there are many times we’ve both wanted to call it quits but it’s days like today that remind us of the promise we made to each other.”

Minnie offered Lisl Laurie some marriage advice when she did not know whether to change her last name or not. “So will it be Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni or Lies! Mthombeni?” she asked. To which Minnie replied: “Do both boo Liesl Laurie Mthombeni for work? And legally change to Liesl Mthombeni. That’s what I did.”


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