Minnie Dlamini shocks fans that she regrets her marriage


Minnie Dlamini shocks fans that she regrets her marriage

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The announcement made by famous personality Minnie Dlamini has startled South Africans. Minnie Dlamini, who married in 2017, shared the joyous occasion with the majority of her admirers on television, just like Somizi did when he married Mohale. Minnie Dlamini’s wedding was lavish, including a large reception as well as a traditional ceremony. Quinton Jones, a businessman, is the name of the man she married. She

was well-known for her previous partnerships, which included a romance with Itumeleng Khune, a well-known soccer player, but things did not work out, so she chose to be with someone less well-known. During their large party, the pair appeared pleased and gave the impression that they would be together forever. The tie between them would never be severed, no matter what they went through as a pair.

Unfortunately, it appears that this link has been shattered. The couple had only been married for four years when their marriage came to an end. When Minnie announced that she and her husband were divorcing, South Africa was taken aback. Although it appears that the two have been apart for some time, they attempted to mend things before formally announcing their split. Many individuals speculated about what might have precipitated the divorce, and many criticized her for her social media behavior.

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It has been revealed why she may be divorcing, with old posts from when she was married apparently playing a role. Minnie’s post about regretting her marriage because her crush lived in South Africa became a worldwide sensation. The tweet was sent shortly after she married. Many people thought it was insulting to her husband, and she seemed to have married someone she didn’t care for. Others argue that Minnie’s outgoing attitude clashed with her husband’s reclusive disposition, while others point to the fact that she befriended people who had failed marriages, such as Unathi. What are your thoughts on this?

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