Minnie Dlamini shows a lot of love to Shauwn Mkhize

Minnie Dlamini shows a lot of love to Shauwn Mkhize

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Expecting mother Minnie Dlamini paid businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize a visit and therefore the Kwa Mam’Mkhize star documented all that on her Instagram page. consistent with her, Minnie Dlamini made her the child’s godmother.

Minnie’s pregnancy glow is quite evident because the presenter looks beautiful than ever. “Crystal moment when a baby sis @minniedlamini enter to ascertain her big Sis God mother duties #mammkhizeandandilehollywood #kwamamkhize,” Shauwn captioned the video.

The two shared a hug and an intimate moment where Shauwn lowered her ear towards Minnie’s baby bump, caressing it and asking if the baby is jovial.

“Are we kicking, are we kicking,” Shauwn asked, then Minnie replied, “we are kicking, the baby is big.” Minnie then added that the baby is heavy, the 2 then burst call at laughter.

Her comments section is crammed with people commenting on Minnie’s pregnancy glow with some saying she looks absolutely beautiful. Others were commending the sisterly love they both share adding that’s a gorgeous sight to ascertain.

Here are a number of comments:
Minnie Dlamini shows a lot of love to Shauwn Mkhize

patiswap9: Minnie looks stunning ncoooh preggies suits u nana

nohmyeni: Ok is someone cutting onions 🧅 my eyes are tearing

no_nhle: Aww mommy is here.. Akakhule uMuntu akhahlele umathanda until the day comes @ Minnie

When announcing the pregnancy Minnie said it’s undoubtedly the simplest birthday gift she could give her husband.

“Starting a family with you Mr Jones may be a dream come true and that i couldn’t have chosen a far better man to be the daddy of our child. Happy Birthday my love we’re having a baby. Best Bday present ever, i do know lol,” she wrote.
Minnie Dlamini shows a lot of love to Shauwn Mkhize
The star spoke about the method behind announcing her pregnancy, adding that she may need revealed her pregnancy.

“I had numerous ideas of how I wanted to reveal my pregnancy and as was common i used to be trying to find something that hadn’t be done before. In an effort to pay reference to my culture, I did some research on how a Zulu pregnant woman seemed like back within the day. Our culture is so rich with amazing clothing, patterns, colors, and styles , all of which have symbolic meaning. for instance , the hat a lady wears symbolizes that she may be a wife ,” she wrote.

Mrs Jones even acknowledged that the patterns also reveal the gender of the unborn baby.

“The clothes she wears symbolizes whether she may be a girl, a woman, a wife, or a mother to be. The patterns on a maternity apron determine many things, among which is that the sex of the baby,” she winked.