Missed AKA’s interview? Here is everything that went down.

Missed AKA’s interview? Here is everything that went down.

AKA’s interview on The Bat Leader TV is currently trending and therefore the rapper is answering all the burning questions. He opens about the character of their relationship, why he broke down that door and substance abuse .
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“As a few , we did have a really tumultuous relationship. We both very passionate people. We passionately loved one another , very much. that’s why we wanted to create our whole lives together. But i feel passion goes both ways during this case.” Adds the musician.

“Disagreements that we had might be quite intense. thereon day once we were speaking, it had been a few sort of issues in our relationship. Issues I don’t feel i would like to get bare because Anele isn’t here to talk for herself. Anele isn’t here to offer her side of the story. But what I can tell you is, it had been like all other relationship which there have been problems and issues and insecurities”, said AKA.

On Breaking Down The Door

“It’s not something that I’m pleased with and it’s something I should own and If I could redo it or get thereto point again or return in time, which Is what I keep saying to myself a few lot of things when somebody passes like this. I keep thinking – could I even have done something different, could I even have done better? which torments me every single day.”

On Abuse In Their Relationship

“But i do know that what i’m not is an abuser. i’m not someone who would abuse Anele, I treated her like gold. She was my everything and still remains my everything. i might awaken every single day thinking how happy could I make this person.

When she says “you don’t know what he’s doing to me,” I cannot speak thereto . Because she’s not here. I can only wonder what she was talking about But what I do know is that I loved her and that i did everything I could to require care of her.”

Owning Up To His Actions
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“It was an argument that we were having. to inform you the reality , I cannot recall what we were arguing about. But what I do remember is breaking that door. I can only imagine how scared she must are . I can only imagine how terrified i need to have made her and that’s something I own and that i wish I could change. My heart breaks just brooding about it. People make mistakes and that’s an error I made and there are consequences for mistakes.”